IMVU Characters

I made Draculaura from Monster High, and three other characters which are original.



IMVU go 4

imvu go 5


IMVU: Advantages Over Second Life

While there are many drawbacks in IMVU, such as you cannot give away your products as freebies, there are some advantages, such as being able to use trademarked and copyrighted works.

There never seems to be an issue with it. I have been able to make an Anna from Frozen avatar, and an Elsa as a child avatar. They look amazing, and they are unlike anything you see in second life.

imvu go1

imvu go3

You can also try on any outfit before buying it, without the need to buy a demo, you can try them on with a click.

These are three characters I made for myself.

imvu go

imvu go2

imvu go4


IMVU Photo Shoot

If you use IMVU you will know that it’s like Second Life, but easier to use by far, more teen friendly, cheaper, but with much less realism. The avatars are somewhat cartoon like, though to be fair they do keep improving over the years.

These are my best 2 realism shots, which you can see come nowhere near Second Life’s version of photorealistic.

imvu 2