New FUNSIES Bassinette For My Newborn

FUNSIES released a new bassinette last night, just in time for me to get one for my newborn baby girl! It comes in various colours and I chose pink for my little darling. It comes with a canopy with a gentle rosy glow and raises two stats for the baby.


The front view shows the flower decor off nicely.


From the side you can see the glow, and on the left is the sleigh crib for my son’s which has bedding from the wonderful Love Child store.


Here is another shot of the new bunny slippers, they are very cute. Picture is Maria, an ED girl with ‘all eyes’.


I also finally got a FUNSIES cat today. The tabby is very sweet, loves scratching her post and keeps herself very clean.



Here is my newborn looking wide awake today, so precious.


Second Life: List of FUNSIES recipes

This is a list of the recipes I know so far, some are simple versions and others are complex.

I do not have the ingredients to all of them, but I know they exist which is half the challenge.

  1. Eezy cheesy crunch. simple version.
  2. Vegetable soup. simple version.
  3. Mac & cheese. simple version.
  4. Spaghetti. simple version.
  5. Chili. simple version.
  6. Lamb Kebob. simple version.
  7. Fried chicken. simple version.
  8. Mashed potatoes. simple version.
  9. Carrots. simple version.
  10. Cherry delight. simple version.
  11. Beef and gravy. simple version.
  12. Chicken and veggies. simple version.
  13. Mixed veg baby food. simple version.
  14. Apple baby food. simple version.
  15. Cherry baby food. simple version.
  16. Gmas chicken soup.
  17. Pound cake.
  18. Oven fried chicken.
  19. Checker cookie.
  20. Bunny blast (pizza).
  21. Pan dulce.
  22. Peanut butter cookies.
  23. Yellow coloured egg.
  24. Blue coloured egg.
  25. Green coloured egg.
  26. Purple coloured egg.
  27. Red coloured egg.
  28. Hot cocoa.
  29. Lemon pudding.
  30. Mac and cheese. standard version.
  31. Fried eggs.
  32. Organic apple baby food.standard version.
  33. Strawberry gelatin.
  34. French fries.
  35. Chinese.
  36. Cherry delight. standard version.
  37. Chocolate pudding.
  38. Cooked carrots. standard version.
  39. Organic sweet potato baby food.
  40. Strawberry dessert.
  41. Apple cherry baby food.standard version.
  42. Apple pie.
  43. Pot roast.
  44. Roast turkey.
  45. Pumpkin pie.
  46. Teddy bear pancakes.
  47. Chocolate eclairs.
  48. Strawberry shortcake.
  49. Candy apples.
  50. Rainbow lollipop.
  51. Cajun chicken meal.
  52. Southern fried chicken. complex version.
  53. Cabbage soup.
  54. Corned beef.
  55. Sweet potatoes. standard version.
  56. Sugar cookies.
  57. Christmas cookies.
  58. Fruit cake.
  59. Christmas ham. standard version.
  60. Christmas ham dinner. complex version.
  61. Christmas pudding.
  62. Gingerbread cookies.
  63. Caviar.
  64. Porridge.
  65. Bosk stew.
  66. Gruel.
  67. FUNSIES meal.
  68. Sorp.
  69. Lookin yum.
  70. Franken pizza.
  71. Hot mummy.
  72. Gutsy lasagna.
  73. Halloween pizza.
  74. Mummy wrap.
  75. Poached fear.
  76. Bat cupcake.
  77. Bat cookie.
  78. Candy corn.
  79. Eye cupcake.
  80. Ghost cupcake.
  81. Jack O apple.
  82. Spider cupcake.
  83. Croissant.
  84. Bunny Blast. complex version.
  85. Fish sticks.
  86. Elbow noodles chili. complex version.
  87. Spaghetti and meatballs. complex version.
  88. Challah.
  89. Bangers and mash.
  90. Steak and cabbage.

Cooking in Second Life with FUNSIES

I am making my way through each cooking recipe from FUNSIES, and photographing each one as I go.

They aren’t the most photogenic of items, but you can get the idea of what they are and it is a lot of fun to do.


This is the Bunny Blast recipe created. It is a pizza slice on an adorable bunny plate. If you succeed in creating a ‘rare’ item, you get an extra surprise with it.