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Time Portal Sim: Second Life

The time portal sim has a fantastic 1950’s area. It’s great for roleplay and taking photos.

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FIN *Relive The Fifties* Store

This is one of my favourite Second Life stores. It has nostalgia in every pixel. Prices are reasonable too, and LI isn’t too high.


This is their TV room or den.


Warming by the open fire.


See the incredible attention to detail on all these ornaments.


Spacious kitchen and dining area, a housewives dream.


Bartender duty.


Reclining 50s style.


Using the sink.


Snacking on ice cream for dessert.

second life

1950’s Style In Second Life

There are a lot of vintage places in Second Life, I personally prefer specifically 1950’s and shabby chic style.

They blend quite well, and add a dash of beach chic and you get something fantastically fun for summer.

I can highly recommended FIN, and Sweet Tea Couture for clothing and furniture.

This is my take on something stylish:

record player from FIN, shoes from sweet tea couture, dress from sn@tch, and I made the rug myself.


I used a retro filter on the photo too. My ambition is to get a full retro house, by the beach, and have it filled with period items.