second life

Which Second Life Babies Are Most Photorealistic?

I am sure most parents feel their own children are the most photogenic, but which kids are technically the most photorealistic?

A claim was made this week that a certain brand was the most realistic, but I don’t know whether I agree, and there will always be a strong bias in a creator’s opinion of their own product.

what is your opinion of real life skin textures applied to the Second Life babies?

Here is an example of a FUNSIES baby close up on the facial skin with a Zooby baby close up.

FUNSIES babies_016


Please leave your opinion in comments.

I find it very hard to decide myself. The FUNSIES baby skin seems to have more detail, but the Zooby baby eyes have more clarity.

In other news, Zooby have released a seesaw now for the babies, one is at the PAL playpark so I took a look at it.




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