second life

Amazing News About FUNSIES Farming Plus Mommy And Me Photos

FUNSIES sent a notice yesterday saying that soon farming and growing food for the FUNSIES oven will soon be available at home, instead of farming at the FUNSIES main sim.

This is fantastic news! People have requested this a lot, and it sounds like it will add another dimension of fun to the whole cooking game.

FUNSIES babies_018

Today I took Lavender for a walk, in kind of matching outfits, and took some photos plus bought her some toys.

I got her the memory game toy and elephunsie dancing toy.

FUNSIES babies_019

FUNSIES babies_012

I also took some photos at Love Child sim as they have some nice backdrops, especially for Easter.

FUNSIES babies_005

FUNSIES babies_008

FUNSIES babies_013

FUNSIES babies_015

FUNSIES babies_016

FUNSIES babies_017

She has such an adorable little face!


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